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Professional Speaking 

Are you looking for a high energy speaker that presents impactful and relevant information to your associations, groups, meetings and events?

Would you like an infomative, polished, motivator who adds impact and value to your programs and events and increases your event quality and attendee satisfaction?

Nancy Knettell brings her special talents as a keynote speaker, motivator, business mindset and client attraction expert to the programs she offers for associations, groups, meetings, and events.

"I was blown away by Nancy's Information."

Linda Portrait"I would arrive at a networking meeting and drive around the block a few times to muster up the courage to actually step inside. Then, when I walked through the door, I was intimidated by the people there. Nancy Knettell taught me ways to break into conversation circles, where I met one of my best clients. After learning all the excellent techniques from her my consulting practice is completely full.

Now I am able to teach, do public speaking, and my attendance is up for my annual events, Women's Small Business Expo.

I would recommend Nancy Knettell to anyone who wants to gain confidence and attract more clients."

Linda Hollander
The Wealthy Bag Lady

Top 4 topics most requested topics by associations and groups:
Business Mastery Makeover provides one member of the audience a chance of a lifetime to receive a Change in the Moment Business Makeover from Nancy Knettell. In this scenario, members of the audience are solicited in advance for their desire to become participants. Nancy Knettell then will then select one participant, assess their present business strategy, and will make suggestions on key areas where the business owner can increase their marketability immediately so they can get more paying clients. This alone is a $350 value for the participant.

For an example of a Business Master Makeover with Nancy Knettell listen to this link below:


The Energy of Money addresses all the negative fundamental issues that most entrepreneurs face when they first decide to open their own business. Learn why most of us have learned to give money a negative value and how that blocks our ability to become successful as business owners. Then Nancy offers effective ways to turn that around to change the audience's perception so that they can begin to connect the word money with abundance instead.    

Five Ways to Get Clients Now shows solo entrepreneurs five ways they can use right now to immediately attract clients and grow their business by leading with their passion and message. Learn why most marketing messages fall on deaf ears and why authenticity and passion are the most effective ways to attract your perfect client.

How to Get on the Internet Correctly and Profitably shows new business owners the correct way to launch a website. Most website developers today do not know what makes an effective website that drives customers to their door. It is not about pretty or shiny or clever...it is about having the right elements on your website to get people to want to be your customer. You need to know this information if so that you can build it yourself or direct someone else to build it for you.


"I have not heard such excellent original material before!"

SuzanneNancy Knettell is brilliant. I have not doubt in my mind that Nancy can show you howe to make a lot of money fast! I wish I had had all this fabulous information when I first started out. Need I say more?

Suzanne Evans
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To Your Success,


Nancy J. Knettell 


Nancy Knettell
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