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Here is what my wonderful customers have to say...

"I was blown away by Nancy's Information."

Linda Portrait"I would arrive at a networking meeting and drive around the block a few times to muster up the courage to actually step inside. Then, when I walked through the door, I was intimidated by the people there. Nancy Knettell taught me ways to break into conversation circles, where I met one of my best clients. After learning all the excellent techniques from her my consulting practice is completely full.

Now I am able to teach, do public speaking, and my attendance is up for my annual events, Women's Small Business Expo.

I would recommend Nancy Knettell to anyone who wants to gain confidence and attract more clients."

Linda Hollander
The Wealthy Bag Lady


"I have not heard such excellent original material before!"

SuzanneNancy Knettell is brilliant. I have not doubt in my mind that Nancy can show you howe to make a lot of money fast! I wish I had had all this fabulous information when I first started out. Need I say more?

Suzanne Evans
Help More People


"As a Former Senior Sales Professional, I am Proud to Recommend Nancy Knettell!”

Deb scott"With over 20 years experience in cardiac surgery device sales, and a variety of sales / marketing endeavors since, I find your brand of valuable tools refreshing.

It is rare to discover someone like yourself who understands the real secret to successfully selling or marketing your product is ironically not to sell at all!

Thank you for reminding us that customers are people too and want to be treated with the same respect and comfortable honesty as you would treat your friends or family.
And thank you also for reminding us as well as showing us, good sales people are a desirable asset. They are there to help and want to offer great solutions to anyone's problems..." 

Deb Scott
A Little Bit of Rachel


"I can't believe how easy it is to feel comfortable in a group of new people and market myself and my company once you know the inside secrets."

Heather Hayes"I would have never discovered any of this on my own. Like everyone else, I always thought it was scary and difficult to network with new people. Well, it isn't. It is actually fun. Rather than huddling in a corner, I now can confidently go into a room full of strangers and know how to easily and effectively connect with new contacts. My business is really growing like crazy thanks to you, Nancy!"

Heather Hayes
Trickling Falls Massage


"Why spend thousands of dollars when you can get it all in one AFFORDABLE package!” 

Michele Harmon"First I must say that I have spent thousands of dollars going to self-development and business seminars hosted by top-notched gurus. Nancy's training and teleseminars have taken the most important life-lessons I've learned at those expensive seminars and put it into one dynamite AFFORDABLE package - Wonderful! I'm going to go over your networking tips with a fine tooth comb so I will be the "Queen Bee" at my next meeting.I will absolutely recommend this system to my clients who need to develop their "muscles of courage" as they launch a new or existing business..."

Michele Harmon
Harmony Life Consulting


"This training is definitely not to be read once and put away!”

Kelly Schrank"I was very impressed with Nancy's teleseminar. As a solo entrepreneur, I have been working for myself for some time, so I have been exposed to some of the concepts in the training before. But, I was really surprised to see there were far more concepts, exercises and resources that I had never seen before or even imagined existed.

Certainly, the concepts that I had seen previously are lessons that need to be learned over and over again. I am glad to have them all in one place now to be able to do that. This training is definitely not to be read once and put away. Keep the printed copy on your desk and refer to it whenever you doubt yourself, before you go to a networking event, or when you know you are holding yourself back and need that extra push."

Kelly Schrank
Bookworm Editing Services

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